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2017.03.31, Friday

Killer at Home Chest Workout

Yoga for Fertility: The Benefits and Poses

A lot of women suffer from infertility. It is usually hard for women to deal with it most

Ahimsa The Art of Non-violence

There is a quote in one of the episodes of BBC’s The Story of India that goes:How often we make our history the story of great conquerors; the men of violence? Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler... That's what we teach children in thei

Diet for a Yoga Practitioner

Just like in yoga, it is said that every body is different and thus the levels of strength and flexibility will differ too. Just as Yoga is a self-practice, food is something that should be self-planned and consumed. There are several myths about

Secrets to Choosing the Right Yoga Outfit

A good yoga session is an amalgam of the right postures and the right yoga outfit. Since yoga requires physical and mental strength, wearing the right outfit gives you the right amount of confidence to make your session a fruitful one. As yoga req

Do We Really Need Yoga Props?

Have you ever entered into a yoga class where everyone seemed to be competing against each other and come out feeli

Yoga Isn’t Just for the Younger Crowd

Yoga for elders is a particularly good application of the practice of yoga since it offers a complete method of physical fitness, including increased levels of stren

How to Use Yoga for Stress Reduction

Most of the time yoga is talked about in relation to its fashion (who doesn't love

Yoga for People in Drug Recovery and Rehabilitation

When someone tells you about yoga, the first thing that will cross your mind would be the various poses. You will think that the only thing that it can do is to make you more flexible and that’s it. However, you will be surprised to know that