Secrets to Choosing the Right Yoga Outfit

A good yoga session is an amalgam of the right postures and the right yoga outfit. Since yoga requires physical and mental strength, wearing the right outfit gives you the right amount of confidence to make your session a fruitful one. As yoga requires a lot of twisting and turning, an ill-fitted outfit can prove to be a hindrance in performing your upside down or sideways asanas correctly. There are many aspects that need to be considered while choosing the right attire, including the quality of fabric and a comfortable yet perfect fit to name a few. Following are a few secrets on how to choose the right outfit!





Choosing the Correct Pants


Women’s Yoga pants are the most important part of a yogic attire. While selecting yoga pants or leggings, make sure that you choose those which are well fitted and not loose. Capris for women are the perfect option as they don’t cluster around the waist and make inverted positions easy and comfortable. Yoga pants are extremely beneficial for people who need to push off to work right after yoga classes as well fitted and high waisted leggings can also pass off as casual office wear. The material of these pants should be made of materials like cotton, tweed or knits as they are stretchable and give you the best possible fit.


Get the Fit Right


The right size and shape of yoga clothes are other factors that are of utmost importance in the selection of the right yoga workout clothes. Tops and pants that hug the body but allow easy movement are most suitable. Avoid tops that have loose necklines or hug you too tight at the torso. Loose pants can also slide up your legs whereas drawstring pants can cause you discomfort while performing asanas when lying on the stomach. Instead, purchase tops that fit and cover the torso well and elastic high waisted pants that hug the shape of your legs properly.


Compression Pants


Yoga wear not only provides comfort, but it can also help to heal ailments. Compression pants come with a fit that helps to heal sore muscles and protect you from further injury. It helps in applying pressure on your blood thereby causing circulation.


Choose a Mix of Fashion and Functionality


Recently, companies have ventured into creating yoga wear that is not only functional but fashionable too. However, along with fashion, it is also important to buy yoga wear that suits your body shape, the weather conditions, and your overall comfort levels. Considering these factors will help you to purchase clothes that will make your practice more rewarding.


Multipurpose Usage


In today’s world, where people are often pressed for time, multipurpose clothes and products are in demand. Yoga pants are no exception! Apart from serving their original purpose, they can be used as office wear, for grocery shopping and to run other errands. Black leggings can also be worn along with tunics or dresses to create additional outfits.
Overall, the main aim of wearing the right kind of clothes for your yoga practice is so that you can concentrate and perform to the best of your abilities without worrying about what you are wearing. Irrespective of what you buy, ensure that it does not affect your posture—or your performance.



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