Yoga for People in Drug Recovery and Rehabilitation


When someone tells you about yoga, the first thing that will cross your mind would be the various poses. You will think that the only thing that it can do is to make you more flexible and that’s it. However, you will be surprised to know that yoga is being used as a supplemental treatment. It can also be used by people who are trying to recover from their addiction. You probably have doubt about the power of yoga in helping you on your recovery. We understand that it is quite difficult to imagine how the breathing and stretching will help you in overcoming your addiction.

Ways on How Yoga Can Help You Overcome Your Drug Addiction

Here are some reasons why yoga will be a powerful coping tool that will lead you down the road of recovery.

The Physical Benefits

With yoga, you will definitely feel more energized and stronger after completing your session. The pain and aches that are caused by your withdrawal will reduce as you progress. The meditative, gentle motion and breathing exercise will aid you in reducing trauma and psychological stress, eliminate unnecessary cravings and calm the nerves.

Enhance Your Body’s Circulation

By improving your system’s circulation, you will normalize the level of your blood pressure and reduce the possibility of contracting heart disease. Yoga will also help you in improving your mood and facilitate the flow of the oxygen into your brain. It can also help us think clearly about our situation.

Emotional Benefits

People who are practicing yoga on a daily basis are more likely to achieve inner peace. Peace can help you get an access to healthier and new coping methods. As a replacement for alcohol and drugs, you can turn to the slowing and meditative breathing of Yoga.

Improve Your Self Discipline

Those who experience a particular addiction will understand how difficult it is to say ‘No’. However, by taking the challenge of learning Yoga, you will learn to focus your energy and time into a new discipline and have a happier and healthier life. You can have a cleaner system by regularly performing Yoga. In addition, it also helps us get rid of the toxins in our body.

Spiritual Benefits

Based from the ancient learning, yoga will allow you to realize spiritual benefits that are beyond the predicament of religious practices. It can be used to magnify your peace and distinct beliefs in life. By strengthening your peace and beliefs, you will understand how essential it is to continue to abstain from your addiction.

Although different yoga poses can be used for your recovery from addiction, there are particular poses that can be used by the novice. It has the power to challenge our mind and body and provide us with that inner peace to overcome our addiction. Corpse pose, spinal twist, leg-wall pose, Triangle pose and mountain pose are some of the basic poses that will help you relax your mind and eliminate the pain that you are feeling due to your withdrawal from addiction.

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